Zeal is it's own Cause... 8/9 -2011

This week we want to announce that Po2 is working with Zeal to make awesome games for the future. We really hope you cheack out all upcoming Zeal titles! For those of you who wonders what this means it does not mean mutch, zeal and po2 has been working closely for a long time, this is just an official announcment about that we work together. We will also in the near future have some new exciting announcments about what we will do together :).

ZEAL main site

Sorry 30/7 -2011

Times of giveaway
Today we had some give aways on 4chan and facebook. Having some fun and giving away stuff. We finished the give away by a big sorry to the guys at Bay 12 and lots of free keys for them to have a chance to not hate us for the "rip-off" status we got the time of relase. So we are hoping to show that we are not as bad as some of the rage has seams to put us on. Also soon we will anounce some new stuff that we have been working on. Are thwy updates? there might be somthing fun for all dwarfs fans out there ;). Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks.

Sorry Bay 12

News 12/5 -2011

Whats up?
We in the dwarfs!? team are so happy for all the feedback we have gooten over the past days. We are now hard at work to do a new update to fix add new things. We hope all of you out there will be happy about the new changes.

Simon plays Dwarfs!?


Hallo all!
So here at Power of Two in the far north of europe where there be snow and icebears! We are now working hard on new content for the game. We hope all of you who bout it were pleased.

Keep looking over here or at our blog to find out more about dwarfs!? and it's future. Until we have some time to get some more things up on the page here
is a dam good video from Simon playing the game.

YouTube for more info about dwarfs!?

We now have a nice and new youtube channel where you can watch the latest videos for dwarfs:


Whaaat 4th may!?

Yes, we will soon release the game! We are sorry for not being able to update the site better; finishing a game with two people while also trying to fill in for a marketing team is not always easy!

Brave or stupid?

Many times the dwarfs are faced with the important task to save there cave by blowing them selfs up an sealing the cave.

Heroes or idiots who knows but you still need them to survive :).

Marry christmas and a happy new year!

Here at power of two we are hard at work finishing dwarfs!?. So we will push the comics to the begginning of next year.

We hope you understand and wish you a marry christmas and a happy new year.

Share the love - 2010-11-20

Now we have added a feature so that you can share this page of both facebook and digg :) please share the love!

New Comic is out!

We are still working on it......;)

Dwarfs!? the Comic

Starting this week we are introducing the Dwarfs comic! The comic will run from now until the release of Dwarfs, and if it's popular it might run longer :)

Dwarfs' new page is up!

Dwarfs is a PC game about dwarfs that dig too deep, and now they have their own web page. "Dwarfs!?" will hit Steam and US stores early 2011!

We also have an awesome forum where you can go and give us feedback on both the site and the game. Help us give you a better product!